About the fashion house Charlotte Beaude
About the fashion house Charlotte Beaude

Charlotte Beaude is a Belgian brand with European accents, born in 2018 in an era when open-mindedness and freedom reign supreme.
Drawing on the elegance and glamour of yesteryear to breathe new life into the world of luxury, Charlotte Beaude intends to reclaim the know-how and unparalleled precision of erstwhile creations.
Maison Charlotte Beaude stands by every woman who yearns to be beautiful and dressed up at any time of the day, adorned with accessories in sensual, pure and refined shapes.

Originally, a passion for beauty. A taste for the refined. The freedom to create.

Since its early days, Maison Charlotte Beaude has grown to the rhythm of its own heartbeats to become a genuine haven of creation.
Always more intricate, more elegant, more delicate, the luxury accessories of Maison Charlotte Beaude are designed in Belgium and manufactured in France and Italy with the highest quality materials.

Driven by a taste for refinement, the freedom to create, and a passion for quality and detail, Charlotte Beaude, a trained interior architect and product designe, founded the luxury brand that bears her name.
« When I was a child, I was utterly bewitched by the confident elegance of my grandmother and the ladies of her generation. The one who dared wear intense red lipstick. The one with the fabulous hat who roared with laughter. The one who expressed herself to the tips of her fingernails, to the edge of her Carré de Soie. »
Fascinated by the women of her family, Charlotte Beaude pays tribute to them in each of her creations.

Born in Brussels to a Belgian mother and a French father, Charlotte Beaude decided to honour her identity by invigorating European know-how. For manufacturing, she turned to French and Italian workshops, the guardians of mastery in soft and delicate textiles.
Created by passionate and demanding craftsmen with infinite patience, each piece of the Charlotte Beaude collection is designed to last a lifetime.

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