Leather is a living material that breathes, softens and forms a patina over time, and therefore requires rigorous care.

Protecting it
Leather is sensitive to water, oil, heat, moisture and dryness, and can be damaged if exposed to such conditions. When a Charlotte Beaude bag made of this material is exposed to excessive heat or sunlight for too long, its colour can be altered. Similarly, if its leather comes into contact with water, it should be wiped immediately with a soft cloth to prevent potential staining.
Although your bag’s leather has been treated and fully protected, you can nourish it with beeswax once a year. Please note, however, that this process only applies to calfskin leather. Using beeswax on your dipped lambskin leather bag can cause serious damage.
Safeguard from negative influences
Certain materials such as ink, oily products, perfume and alcohol-based products can leave permanent marks on the leather. To preserve its shape, it would also be preferable to avoid overloading it or using it to carry irregularly shaped objects.
A nice holiday
To remain as beautiful and strong as on its first day, the Charlotte Beaude bag sometimes needs a few days of respite in a temperate, dry environment, sheltered from light and preferably in its original protective case. Filling the bag with tissue paper can help maintain it slim and slender while retired from regular use.
Safe from danger
A noble and delicate material, silk must be protected and cuddled. In order to preserve the stunning look of your foulard, it is best to avoid any contact with rain, water and chemicals. Also be careful that it does not get caught on a nail or other object that could fray it.
A well-deserved break
If you’re planning to give your foulard a rest, first untie it and lay it flat so it doesn’t wrinkle. If it needs to be cleaned, don’t do it yourself: entrust your foulard to a professional dry cleaner.
In the fresh air
To keep its oomph, your silk foulard deserves a breath of fresh air every now and then.
Modal and cashmere
Ecological textile
A fibre of natural origin obtained from the cellulose of beech wood, modal is an ecological, flexible, soft and unique material. Twice as fine as cotton, its fibre is great at absorbing moisture and remaining dry to the touch. Although it is designed to withstand the test of time, modal fibre also requires great care.
Tenderness and softness
We recommend that you treat your Charlotte Beaude d'hiver piece made of modal and cashmere with the utmost tenderness. If your foulard needs to be cleaned, it would be best to have it done by a professional dry cleaner. However, if you prefer to take care of it yourself, use a mild detergent and wash your square in cold water.
Take care of your fringes
To avoid fraying your Charlotte Beaude foulard's fringes, avoid any risk of snagging.
The zamak
An alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper, zamak is used for all clasps and metal parts in the Charlotte Beaude collection. Although it is made of durable, rigid, solid and resistant material, your handbag’s clasp still needs to be cared for from time to time.
Need for love
Despite its durability, this material does require some pampering, by for instance ensuring that it is not scratched or scraped in any way. To care for your zamak piece, it is best to keep it dry and avoid chemical cleaners. Wiping it gently with a soft cloth will do the trick.