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the foulard 140.180marrakech
Inspired by the softness of the Belgian coast, the warmth of Provence and the sun of Marrakech, the foulard cotton scarf from the Charlotte Beaude collection offers a feeling of lightness and freedom to anyone who wears it. To be worn on the beach as a pareo, as a bow around the neck or as a cover-up for a cooler evening, this essential accessory irrevocably dresses up any outfit.

SIZE :140 x 180 cm

COLOURS: Marrakech

MATERIAL: 100 % cotton, machine rolling finish

Pattern: Charlotte Beaude's symbol

Properly maintained, a foulard Charlotte Beaude lasts a lifetime. Click here to learn more about the care of foulard in silk or modal and cashmere.
Discover the history of our foulards
Discover the history of our foulards